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Power Sweeping

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"Tackling the Tough with the Best"

Your parking lots and other asphalt or concrete surfaces are like a jungle. Every day they play host to every vehicle and pedestrian that visits your property. And every shows.

At Sweep It Clean we have the machines to conquer your jungle. Our Tennant mid size power sweepers remove 95% of the sand, dirt, rock and debris from asphalt and concrete. Their high-spinning main brooms tackle large concentrations of rock, sand and debris.

Larger jobs require our Tymco 210 Air Sweeper, the number one regenerative air sweeper in the world. This state-of-the-industry truck-mounted system is designed to clean larger areas thoroughly.

The Tymco uses a unique regenerative air system that continually recirculates the air, rather than pulling and expelling it back into the environment. Debris and dirt fall into the hopper and the air passes through a multipass filtration, releasing only cleaned, fresh air back through its hoses.

Sweep It Clean adds a multi-man crew to this excellent equipment. As the big machines start rolling, men with backpack blowers force out debris and dirt from around lampposts, curb stops and other small structures and hard to reach areas. We comply with all Texas Air Control Board regulations and Environmental Protective Agency regulations.

You can rest peacefully at night knowing that Sweep It Clean is at work taking care of you.

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